Robinson: School district touts emergency response program

(Photo by Ke'Sha Lopez)
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ROBINSON, Texas (KWTX) The Robinson Independent School District is the first district in the state to implement a new piece of technology that helps first responders during emergencies,

David Wrzesinksi, the district’s special programs director, said Wednesday.

The program is called CommandScope by RealView LLC, a Chicago based company.

It is a web-based emergency response program that shares vital information with first responders.

It has contact information for facility administrators and satellite imagery of the property where the emergency has occurred.

It can show schematics and locations of hazardous materials on-site.

First responders can view floor plans, 3D pictures and possibly video of the inside of a building.

Wrzesinksi said this technology can be useful in a number of ways during emergency situations, from informing firefighters about how much water pressure is in a hydrant to helping police with tactical response in an active shooter situation.

"If a situation were to occur, they would have better information. They would have quicker information. There wouldn't be any kind of lapse because we know in these kinds of situations that time is of the essence and so the quicker they can make it, the quicker they can organizer, the quicker they can assess a scene, it's going to be better,” he said.

Wrzesinksi said the district has had the program for about a year.

He said fire departments and police have a lot of layout information, but it is typically found in books or manual which can be outdated.

With this technology, information can be updated quickly.

Wrzesinksi said the Robinson police department was already set up to get access to this technology but the volunteer fire department did not.

He said with help from the Robinson Chamber of Commerce two laptops were donated for VFD for use in its fire trucks.

The cost of the program is about a dollar per student.

Robinson ISD has around 2,300 students.