Killeen: 28 years ago Central Texas man kills 23 at Killeen Luby's

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Twenty eight years ago, on Oct. 16, 1991, a Central Texas man killed nearly two dozen people and wounded dozens more at the Luby's cafeteria in Killeen.

Georges Hennard, 35, of Belton, drove his pickup truck through a plate glass window at the restaurant, got out and opened fire with a pair of semi-automatic pistols.

Police said that over the course of 14 minutes, Hennard shot 50 people, 22 of whom died at the scene and one of whom died later.

The shootout ended after a Killeen police officer shot and wounded Hennard, who then shot himself to death.

Police later said Hennard had two fully loaded ammunition clips with him when he died and said if the officer had not shot him, the death toll would have been higher.

The massacre at Luby's was the deadliest mass shooting involving a single gunman in the U.S. that didn't occur at a school until the nightclub shooting rampage in Orlando in 2016.

The 2017 shooting rampage in Las Vegas now tops the list.