Waco: 33 adopted on National Adoption Day at Baylor

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WACO, Tx. (KWTX) In a Star Wars themed event, 33 Central Texas children were welcomed into new families on National Adoption Day Friday at Baylor’s Law School.

"I get to be a mom again," Sylvia Elizondo said.

She is adopting her two grandchildren whom she has been caring for, for the past two and a half years.

Since 2008, 255 McClennan County children have been paired with familys on National Adoption Day.

“You can’t help but just spending so much time with them and loving them and taking care of them and giving them all the guidance that you can,” Elizondo said.

The Halls have made several additions to their family on previous adoption days at Baylor.

The father Kyle said his family is here to support the families that are literally growing overnight.

"It’s not like you’re pregnant for nine months and then you have a baby and then can work your way into it,” Hall said.

“It’s a crash into parenting."

Now that Sylvia is a new mom again, she can’t wait to begin making more memories with her babies.

"Kids they deserve a family, every child deserves a family a loving support,” Elizondo said.

The Elizondos plan to spend this weekend celebrating with a weekend trip to Austin.