Teacher runs 100 miles in 24 hours to raise money for her students

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MINERAL, Va. (WCAV) -- Kate Fletcher, a high school English teacher, ran 100 miles in 24 hours on the school's outdoor track. She took on this challenge to raise money for her students.

She finished her final lap Tuesday morning. You can watch her complete the challenge on the school district's Facebook page.

"It feels amazing to know that I would be able to help them in this way. And I know so many of them, of course, from being their teacher, so it's a very personal accomplishment for me and something that I feel very determined to do," Fletcher said.

The annual Lion Pride Run raises money through a GoFundMe for the Lion Pride Scholarship fund. The fund helps to support graduating seniors who are going to college.

Some proceeds from the run will also go to the school's newspaper class.

Garrett Duerson is a student in the class and said what Fletcher is doing will help them buy new equipment.

"It's kind of hard on us to raise a lot of money just going out in the community, so with big organizations and this big idea that she's doing, it's really going to help us out," Duerson said.

Last year, Fletcher ran 50 miles during the course of the school day in the Lion Pride Run. She hopes that doubling her mileage will help to double the amount of money raised this year.

Fletcher is an avid runner and has been preparing hard for it.

"I've been doing strength training and eating well and resting, but mostly I just run a whole lot more than most people would consider appropriate or normal," said Fletcher.

Students and teachers will cheer her on and take turns running by her side throughout the day and night.

She planned to slow down at times to eat, but will try to keep moving for the entire 24 hours.

"I know from experience, once you get to the finish line, that's when your legs suddenly feel very stiff. And so I want to avoid that," Fletcher said.

Fletcher's run also drew the attention of GoFundMe Studios, which will be making a documentary about her endeavor. But she said her students are her main motivation.

"Really, they're the most important part of the entire day. Having them there means everything to me," Fletcher said.

You can donate to Fletcher's cause on GoFundMe.