Apartment fire displaces 20 local families

(Photo by Clint Webb)
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BELLMEAD, Texas (KWTX) Crews from several area departments responded Thursday to an early-morning fire that broke out in a two-story apartment building in Bellmead.

The fire displaced about 20 families.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen to us that’s what worried our most concern is…at this time,” resident Johnny Butler said Thursday afternoon.

This Saturday, the Red Cross provided 13 families with monetary compensation for basic essentials like food, clothes, and toiletries.

"It means the world that they’re helping us out like this because we have nothing at this point," resident Jessica Majors said Saturday afternoon.

The apartment complex has housed the displaced residents at the Days Inn in Bellmead till Monday. Residents are now worried about what they will do after Monday.

Power has been restored to all of the buildings in the complex except for the one in which the fire broke out, officials said.

An electrician must check the fire-damaged building before service can be restored, officials said.

The cause is under investigation.

“As soon as the investigation wraps up we can start turning apartments back on and putting people back in their homes and we aren't leaving until that happens until we can home as many people as we can,” Lacy Lakeview Fire Department Lt. Adrian Huff said.

Black smoke was pouring from the apartment building on Meyers Lane as the first crews arrived at around 6 a.m. Thursday.

Residents gathered in the courtyard as firefighters from Bellmead, Lacy Lakeview, and Waco battled the flames.

The fire was contained within about 30 minutes

Residents said they didn’t know how the fire started but said they were thankful no one was injured.