$50 bill woman misplaced here arrives in the mail—from Kentucky

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A $50 bill that a woman misplaced during a local Christmas celebration arrived in an envelope mailed from a shoe company’s distribution center in Kentucky.

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Katherine Goodnight, 25, a 2011 Midway High School graduate, received the $50 bill from her 82-year-old grandmother, Karen Goodnight, while celebrating Christmas at Katherine’s parents’ home near Waco.

“Her grandmother told her to ‘put that money somewhere safe,” her mother, Nancy Goodnight, said Thursday.

Katherine reached for the nearest box, which happened to be a shoebox containing a new pair of shoes Katherine’s parents had purchased online from Wolverine Worldwide.

Katherine put the money in the shoebox as the family continued to open presents, but forgot to retrieve it later.

Her mother later returned the shoes to the company with the $50 bill still in the box.

And that would have been the end of the story were it not for an honest employee at the distribution center in Kentucky.

On Wednesday an envelope arrived in the mail containing a handwritten card and the missing $50 bill.

“It wasn’t like a corporate letter,” Nancy said.

“It was personal letter with the 50 dollars.”

“I’m amazed. The employee could have pocketed the money and not told a soul,” she said.

The card reads “Hi, my name is Tearra and I work for Wolverine Worldwide.”

“I found this 50-dollar bill inside the shoebox so I’m sending it back to you. Thank you for being a customer!”

The company was unaware of the employee’s action until contacted by KWTX and later issued a statement saying, “We are both fortunate and proud to have such amazing employees. As a company, we always talk about doing the right thing. We want to thank Tearra for reminding us what that really means.”