Walmart employee finds snake in Texas shopping cart

A Walmart employee in Cross Roads, Texas, found a large, yellow and black rat snake while collecting shopping carts from one of the store's return areas, according to police. (Source: Northeast Police Department/Facebook)
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CROSS ROADS, Texas (Gray News) A Walmart employee gathering shopping carts in Texas got quite the surprise when they found a large snake tangled inside a group of carts, police say.

A Northeast Police Department officer was patrolling Saturday evening near a Walmart parking lot in Cross Roads, Texas, when they heard a loud scream, according to a Facebook post from the police department.

Upon investigation, the officer discovered a Walmart employee, who had been collecting shopping carts from a return area and found a large, yellow and black rat snake inside a group of them.

Rat snakes are nonvenomous, according to herpetologists at the University of Texas at Arlington.

A Walmart customer named John Heckaman helped remove the snake from the cart. The man said in a Facebook post that he was bitten once while untangling the creature.

The snake was set free in the field next to Walmart.

Police say recent heavy rains in the area have forced many snakes from their natural habitats.

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