Waco: 96-year-old music teacher refuses to let age slow her down

Published: Sep. 22, 2019 at 8:41 PM CDT
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For close to 70 years, Jane McFarland has been teaching choir and piano to students across the country.

"The good lord is why I am where I am," says McFarland who has been teaching since shortly after World War II ended in 1945.

Born Aug. 2,1923 in South Dakota, McFarland has taught in many states throughout her career.

Taking a brief break when she married in the late 40's, she would continue teaching in Ohio, Indiana, and Washington.

"I’m getting paid to do the job I love to do," says McFarland who moved with her two boys to Waco, when they enrolled in classes at Baylor.

In 1971 she began teaching in Central Texas, including a stop at Jefferson Moore high school, but she would soon find herself at Parkview Christian Academy.

Teaching at the private school for the last 30 years, administration says she still has the same passion and hardly ever misses a day.

"She is the only staff member I have that has perfect attendance and has had perfect attendance for the last 6 years," says Administrator Amy Landers.

McFarland saying she her age is quite literally just a number.

"I feel physically like I’m in my forty’s," says McFarland who admits she doesn't take a single drug, not even Aspirin.

While her years continue to add up, McFarland says she has no plans to leave the classroom anytime soon.

"I love to teach students it’s just a joy to me, I’m not worried if it comes to an end," she says.

"If it ends then the good lord will give me something else, or he will take me home. Either way I am fine."