AAA: Gas prices going up

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WACO, Texas. (KWTX) As the temperatures creep up so is the price of gas according to AAA.

Gas is expected to rise 30 to 40 cents by the end of April, according to Daniel Armbruster with AAA.

AAA gauges prices based on how well West Texas Intermediate crude is doing and the overall demand.

Last year prices rose in part because of a record number of travelers during the summer and holidays.

Earlier this year the price of oil climbed to nearly $70 a barrel.

That price has since dropped but AAA expects it to rise again this spring and continue into this summer.

“If the trend continues we could see a record travel season this summer,” Armbruster said.

But there are ways to protect your pockets from the rising costs.

“If you want to save on fuel you want to avoid those quick stops and starts,” Armbruster said.

“Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Make sure your car is well maintained and you’re staying on your maintenance schedule.”