Would-be thief knocked unconscious, then shots fired at local party

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) An attempt to steal an Xbox during a Waco party early Saturday led to a fight in which the would-be thief was knocked out, and then a second altercation during which friends of the suspect fired a gun.

Waco Police responded to the scene on the 300 block of Wagon Wheel Circle around 3:30 a.m. where the assault and robbery occurred during a party.

Witnesses say several people were inside the residence during the party, and at one point they witnessed a man attempting to steal an Xbox from one of the bedrooms.

A fight broke out in which the suspect was knocked unconscious.

Residents then tried to shut the party down and get the suspect out, but some of his friends came to the home and started a second altercation, during which another suspect produced a pistol with which he beat three of the residents.

The man with the gun reached into the pocket of one of the residents and stole an iPhone and then fired shots into the ceiling.

The would-be Xbox thief, the iPhone thief and their friends then fled.

Police are investigating.