Central Texas camp hosts evacuees with unique needs

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AQUILLA, Texas (KWTX) Hundreds of Hurricane Harvey evacuees with a unique set of needs arrived in Aquilla Monday night.

(Photo by Rissa Shaw)

Latham Springs Camp and Retreat is hosting 400 children and adults from Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health in Victoria and League City, a residential program which helps children suffering from abuse or emotional problems and adults with severe mental health and developmental disabilities.

“This is a big change for ‘em, a lof of ‘em don’t understand what’s going on, some of ‘em do, they’re all at different levels,” said Richard Perkins, Camus Administrator at the Devereux Victoria Campus.

Perkins said it’s been a big transition for clients and staff, but everyone is safe.

“It’s hard to be away from campus, it’s hard for the clients, but this is a wonderful location under the circumstances,” said Perkins.

As part of its “in case of emergency plan,” Devereux has a contract with Latham Springs, and has evacuated to there in past disasters.

On Monday night, about two-hundred clients and staffers from Devereux’s League City campus arrived by bus to the 400-plus acre facility.

“That campus, we found out when the storm shifted, that campus is like halfway under water,” said Perkins. “The clients and staff that evacuated from there, they kinda had to leave with just the shirt on their back.”

Clients and staff at the League City campus were originally evacuated in dump trucks to the Civic Center in Houston until charter buses were able to pick them up Monday.

The two-hundred or so clients and staffers at Devereux’s Victoria campus evacuated with 24-hours notice and arrived at the camp Friday afternoon.

“They have a lot of activities here, they’ve been really great, we’ve enjoyed those, and the community here’s been fantastic,” said Perkins.

Space is not an issue at Latham Springs yet, however, volunteers and donations are needed.

The list of items needed may change after an inventory is taken from the newest evacuees Monday night, but so far, bedding, towels, and snacks are being requested.