Area high school student accused of urinating in teacher's drinking cup

The teacher's Yeti drinking cup was seized as evidence. (Photo by John Carroll)
The teacher's Yeti drinking cup was seized as evidence. (Photo by John Carroll)(KWTX)
Published: Apr. 26, 2017 at 5:31 PM CDT
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A 16-year-old Moody High school student accused of urinating into a teacher’s drinking cup was detained on felony charges including assault on a public servant, harassment of a public servant and obstruction/retaliation, Moody police confirmed Wednesday.

Moody Police Chief Roger Kennedy says the alleged incident happened before Easter, but said his office was just recently notified by the school district.

“The teacher asked one student who was going to the bathroom, to take her water cup and refill it at the fountain in the hallway. The student in question then also left the classroom and was handed the cup while the other student used the restroom,” Kennedy said.

At some point the 16-year-old also entered the restroom, but the first student didn’t see what he did.

The 16-year-old then returned to the classroom with the pink Yeti cup, gave it to the teacher and then asked her “how far she would go and what she would drink if she was out somewhere trying to survive,” Kennedy said.

The teacher took a few sips and then said the water from the fountain tasted funny, he said.

She poured out the contents of the pink Yeti cup.

Police took the cup, but because too much time had passed, tests failed to show whether it had contained urine.

No one saw the 16-year-old urinate into the cup, Kennedy said.

The school district says the high school’s principal notified district administrators about the alleged incident on April 13.

The principal collected statements from students after the Easter weekend and reviewed video from hallway surveillance cameras, the district said.

Based on the findings, the principal disciplined the student according to the district’s Student Code of Conduct and notified local authorities.

The student was detained on Monday, the district said.

“Unfortunately students will make poor decisions at times,” Superintendent Gary Martel told KWTX.

“These poor choices sometimes occur within our schools. They are considered as a joke, dare or something funny etc. The district cannot keep all poor decisions from happening on our campuses but we will follow district policy so there are consequences and punitive results for those who choose to make bad decisions at school,” he said.