Arkansas officer suspended for dancing naked at nightclub

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV/CNN) - An off-duty Arkansas police officer was caught on camera at a nightclub last month, but his dance moves weren’t the reason he was being watched.

Conway police officer Cebron Hacket was suspended from the force after being caught dancing naked in an Arkansas night club. (Source: KATV/CNN)

He was naked. Now he’s suspended without pay for 30 days and must complete remedial training.

It was mid-October when Conway police officer Cebron Hackett was caught naked dancing inside of Club Discovery, a late-night hangout in Little Rock.

Hackett appeared to be highly intoxicated after a brief struggle to stand. Eventually, security got him up and escorted him out of the club.

Additional footage obtained from Conway police appears to show Hackett outside of the club attempting to get dressed as two Little Rock officers spoke with him.

Eventually, another police car pulled up with two more officers and a plain-clothed man helps Hackett stand while he got dressed.

Hackett then walked away. That same plain-clothed man and another man headed the same direction.

The same two people later returned to the club and it's unclear how Hackett got home.

According to the suspension letter written by the police chief, Hackett received a ride back to Conway, but it's unclear who drove him.

What we do know is that Hackett was brought back to his personal vehicle and drove home.

In the letter, the chief states that while they cannot prove his level of intoxication at the time, they determined not enough time had passed to where he could safely drive himself home.

That letter also stating that Hackett's actions brought discredit and embarrassment to the department.

Hackett declined to comment.

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