Attorney: BU lawyers ‘further traumatize’ rape victims during depositions

(Baylor University photo/file)
(Baylor University photo/file)(KWTX)
Published: Apr. 12, 2019 at 6:43 PM CDT
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Baylor University said Friday it will file a response next week to a claims by an attorney who represents 10 Jane Doe plaintiffs who allege they were sexually assaulted and that the school was indifferent to the assaults that the women are being subjected to questions during depositions that “belittle, harass, and further traumatize.”

The claims were included in a response filed Tuesday by Waco attorney Jim Dunnam to a Baylor motion that argues that the plaintiffs have not been forthcoming in the discovery process.

“Because Baylor has admitted its policies and procedures were deficient and required no fewer than 105 remedial actions, Baylor has no other defense to this case other than to accuse all 15 of these plaintiffs as liars and attempt to send a message that continuation of this lawsuit will result in further trauma,” Dunnam wrote.

“As expected, each Jane Doe is enduring 10 to 12 hours sitting through depositions and breaks. What is unexpected, is the level of abuse being hurled upon them, as Baylor attempts to brand a scarlet letter on someone unfortunate enough to be raped,” Dunnam wrote in the motion.

Dunnam says during the depositions, university attorneys have asked about the depth of penetration and, “how the shorts that you were wearing fit you.”

Baylor had no comment on the claims Friday, but did say that the attorneys who are questioning the Jane Doe plaintiffs during depositions are all women.