Axtell: Student gives a flower to every girl at school on Valentine's Day

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 9:33 PM CST
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An Axtell High School student is making waves online after he decided to give every girl in school from 6th through 12th grade a flower on Valentine's Day.

Friday morning Jayme Wooley, a sophomore at the high school, passed out a flower to every girl as they walked through the doors of the school.

Wooley ended up giving out 170 flowers in total.

Wooley started this kind gesture on Wednesday when he bought every girl on a field trip he and his classmates were on, a flower as an early Valentine's Day gift.

Wooley then text his mother, Amy Gordon, and asked if she could pick up flowers for every girl at the school.

Wooley stated that he "wanted every girl to feel special on such a special holiday."

"Always put others before yourself," said Wooley. "You never know who needs it. And always remember that happiness is contagious”