Baylor student pulls gun during armed robbery

(Photo by Madison Adams)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) A Baylor student pulled his own gun and foiled an armed robbery attempt after meeting with two men late Tuesday afternoon in a South Waco park to complete a Craigslist deal to sell a cellphone, a PlayStation and an iPad, police said.

“All I could think was, ‘Is this really happening? Is this really happening to me? Like what do I do?’” the student, Daniel Rager, said.

Rager met two men to complete the transaction Tuesday at Oakwood Park at 2301 South 7th St. just south of La Salle Avenue.

They told him they needed to go to a nearby home to get the money for the purchase.

All three got into the Rager’s car and drove to a house at South 9th Street and Ewing Avenue.

When they arrived, Rager opened the trunk of his car, where the items he intended to sell were, and as the three got out of the vehicle both of the men displayed guns.

Rager said he was able to reach into the trunk and get his own handgun.

“It felt like an eternity for me to grab my gun, even though it probably only took like 10 seconds for me to decide,” he said.

When he displayed it, the two grabbed the phone, the game console and the iPad and ran to the north.

As they fled, one fired a shot in the victim’s direction, police said.

The bullet was found lodged in the student's car.

No one was hurt.

Waco and Baylor officers were searching for the two black suspects Tuesday evening.

Rager has a concealed handgun license.