Bell County: How many citizenship verification letters to send undetermined

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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) Election officials in Bell County were continuing Tuesday to determine who will be mailed citizenship verification letters.

Bell County Elections Administrator Melinda Luedecke said her office still does not have a final number.

The county has been scrubbing a list of 525 people they received from the Texas Secretary of State’s Office in late January and have been narrowing it down since, but did not have a final number.

Luedecke said her office still doing research and will exhaust all means to verify a person’s citizenship before they will send out letters.

Should anyone receive a letter from her office, they will have 30 days to respond and will need to provide a birth certificate, passport, or citizenship (naturalization) papers.
The topic has been a hot button issue since Texas' election chief says he immediately gave prosecutors an ultimately flawed list of 95,000 potential noncitizen voters "to get the data in the hands of someone who could do something with it."
Secretary of State David Whitley spoke publicly Thursday for the first time since his office questioned the citizenship of thousands of Texas voters since 1996.
But the state quickly backpedaled after discovering scores of voters were wrongly flagged.
Whitley is facing Senate confirmation for his job.

He deflected questions over whether his office made mistakes and had no update on how much the list has shrunk.
Civil rights groups have sued the state, launching a new voting rights battle in Texas.