Bell County: Firework sales permitted for Memorial Day

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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) A special request to the Bell County Commissioners Court has led to firework sales this Memorial Day.

(Photo by Megan Vanselow)

A 2015 Texas law says commissioners courts can permit the sale of fireworks for Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo and Texas Independence Day in addition to the Fourth of July and the Christmas-New Year's period.

Bell County Fire Marshal Steve Casey, says he recommended that commissioners allow the sales this Memorial Day because of the wet conditions this spring.

“Due to high rain we've been really wet and green so we're allowing the sale of fireworks," he said.

“Our [Keetch-Byram Drought Index] is really low so we think it'll be okay”

This is the first time the court has allowed the Memorial Day sales, and a fireworks stand at the corner of Sparta Road and 439 in Belton, whose operators submitted the request, is hoping to reap the benefits.

“It helps us a lot because our income is strictly based on our sales," employee Aimee Costine said.

The shop started selling product for the holiday Thursday, but says business has been slow.

“It's been pretty slow because most people don't know that you're selling so they're kind of just like 'is this real?'”

The Belton stand will be open every day until midnight on Memorial Day.

A fireworks stand on State Highway 317 in Moody also requested the sale for this holiday.

Casey says they will monitor the firework sales and use this year.

“It’s a test. And we’ll see if there [are] some issues and we’ll look at that next year.”

Stands interested in selling will need to submit a request prior to each holiday every year.

If the commissioners court approves the sale, the stand still must go through state regulation and obtain a permit and meet the guidelines of the permit.