Belton: Animal shelter seeks help buying new dog beds

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) The Bell County Animal Shelter is asking for the community’s help in buying new dog beds.

The Bell County Animal Shelter is asking for the community's help supplying dog beds for its animal shelter. (Photo by Megan Vanselow)

The shelter has partnered with the dog bed company, Kuranda, which allows anyone, anywhere to purchase a dog bed online.

The company will then ship the bed to the shelter of the purchaser’s choosing.

The Bell County shelter received a large donation of beds several years ago, but they are starting to wear out.

“Time goes on things break down and unfortunately we're in a position where we're needing some beds again,” Bell County Sheriff’s Department animal control Officer Brittany Renner said.

The Kuranda beds the shelter is seeking are PVC and vinyl which the shelter says is better than the ones they previously used.

“They're not metal they're not scraping our floors and they're not rusting or bending,” Renner said.

“A big concern when you house animals in the shelter is cross-contamination. Unfortunately we get them in, they’re sick, they’ve been exposed to something. We want to contain it and help them we don't want to spread it so when we use different types of disinfectants and cleansers vinyl and PVC is a material that really holds up its integrity as a material.”

When the site first launched, the shelter was seeking 15 beds, but the goal was immediately met.

Now it hopes to have about 50 beds to fill the entire kennel.

The large beds the shelter is still seeking are $84.