Belton: 100th Fourth of July parade sparks family traditions

(Photo by Megan Vanselow)
(Photo by Megan Vanselow)(KWTX)
Published: Jul. 4, 2019 at 6:06 PM CDT
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More than 30,000 patriots lined the parade route in downtown Belton Thursday as the city put on its 100th Fourth of July parade.

A tradition that brings families together year after year, making memories to last a lifetime.

Raeann Flor and her family say they think of Belton when they think of the 4th of July.

They moved to the town more than six years ago and have made it a tradition to watch the parade from the same spot every year.

"We put our tent up in this spot every year we order at Miller's when they open at 11 and we just enjoy the tradition of it." Flor said.

She and 30 other friends and family enjoyed the centennial parade, waiting for her husbands float to go by.

"My husbands float with CPI won first place and theirs is quite a sight with the carousel and horses." she said.

Flor even had family travel more than 1,000 miles to experience the event in person.

"I've watched it every year live stream on my on my computer and I told my son and I said to my son and my daughter-in-law that we have to come. " Kathy Grimes explained.

Traveling all the way from Ocean City, Maryland where she says the Belton parade tops any one she's ever seen in Ocean City.

Grimes tributes the success to the amount of patriotism shown throughout the day.

"Belton is known for having pride in the country and all that and you can see it in the way everybody reacted all the floats and the flags and everything it was really nice." Tampa, Florida resident Nelson Garcia said.