Belton: Family has cats to thank for reunion with beloved dog

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BELTON, Texas (KWTX) Members of the Hendricks family of Belton have cats to thank for their reunion with their beloved dog, Slimm, which a local animal shelter adopted out before they could reclaim him.

The new owner returned Slimm to the shelter on Monday because the dog wasn’t getting along with his new family’s cats, Ciarra Hendricks said.

Slimm was reunited with the Hendricks on Tuesday.

Hendricks said her sister-in-law picked up the dog, because the animal shelter can refuse whomever they want; and Ciara was told she wouldn't be able to adopt him back.

She says he was in the shelter under the name of "Duke."

Hendricks says she's positive this is her dog; she's raised him since birth and recognized all of his birthmarks and patterns, and apparently he was very affectionate when he saw her again.

Slimm, and the family’s other dog, Fat Momma, got out while the family was shopping on a Saturday in July.

Hendricks was notified that the dogs were at the Bell County Animal Shelter and sent her husband to get them, but he arrived 10 minutes after the shelter closed.

Family members returned to the shelter the next Monday where they learned they would have to pay $80 for the release of each dog.

Faced with a difficult decision, they took Fat Momma because of the dog’s medical needs related to her pregnancy.

By the time they family had the money to reclaim Slimm, he was gone.