Belton ISD students win first place in film contest

Published: Apr. 15, 2018 at 5:40 PM CDT
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One Central Texas school district is celebrating its first-ever state film championship.

Six high school seniors from Belton's New Tech High School are leaving behind a footprint with their award-winning film "Call Me Back."

"It's really excited to leave a legacy at New Tech High School," senior Evan Seils said.

For an entire semester, Brandon Garcia, Nathan Jehl, Morgan Jones, Casey Roberts, Evan Seils, and Marcelo Torre worked day and night bringing to life the story of a teenage boy recalling his life through voicemails waiting for a callback.

"We poured our heart out in making this film " Torres said.

The film was shot throughout Central Texas using DSLR cameras.

"It was just amazing seeing every little piece add up to something that was amazing, " said Jones.

Once the film was completed, their teacher, Kristie Shepard, encouraged the students to submit the film into UIL competition.

This was the first time the district had ever submitted a film for competition.

"It was wonderful to see them work together and solve problems on their own, " said Shepherd.

"Call Me Back" soon found itself climbing to the finals.

"We were super blown by that, " said Garcia.

The student-produced film ended up winning first place in its category out more than 200 entries from across the state.

"They have represented New Belton Tech High in such a way that we could not be more proud of them," said principal Ben Smith.

Meanwhile, the students say being state champions is surreal.

"It's a crazy feeling knowing that you have such a great film," said Jehl.

They're also proud of the message they're sending to their classmates.

"Whatever you decide to put your mind too, you can go out and do it," Roberts said.