Belton Police Department going above and beyond with "R U OK?" program during shutdown

(CREDIT: Belton Police Department/Facebook)

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) Belton Police Department’s "R U Ok?" Program was established within the department about 6 years ago. It is designed as daily or weekly welfare check for elderly or disabled citizens who live alone. if the person doesn’t answer the scheduled call from a volunteer or a officer, a officer will go to their home and check on them.

"We have some that might have fallen trying to grab their phone or do something like that, and we have been able to help them get up or get to the hospital," said Candice Griffin with the Belton Police Department. "Whatever they need. So it’s a life saving program. So we definitely live by it. They’re happy about it, but not as happy as we are. Because it gives us peace of mind and it gives the family peace of mind as well. While it still lets them have their independence."

Now during the coronavirus outbreak, officers are going above and beyond for the people who are the most at risk if exposed to covid -19.

"If they say that they don’t have toilet paper or something as an example, we have officers that go out and buy things with their own money," said Griffin. "We have volunteers who are willing to as well. So basically what we just do is, we reach out and ask hey are you okay, and most of them are with their family already but for those that are truly home by their self if they need anything, they know not to be bashful. Just let us know what they need and we’ll get it out to them."

Currently Belton PD makes calls to over 100 citizens who are signed up. And while the program hasn’t seen an increase in those numbers during this shutdown, the number of volunteers willing to help have gone up.
so we definitely live by it and we are going to continue to do it. we are grateful that we had it in place when this happened because we would hate for them to get out to the store or anything else in a time like this when one of us could take that on for them.

You can sign up yourself or a loved one for this program at or call the Belton Police Department and at 254-933-5840.