Belton: Student leads drive to help Franklin tornado victims

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) With recovery efforts ongoing in Franklin, a Belton High School student is helping to send more much-needed donations to the city.

Senior Marcus Ake says he saw the devastation after this month’s tornado and was moved to help residents in need.

"I saw the damage that was there. The only thing that could go through my mind was, 'Oh, my God, are these people okay? What do they need? How can I help?" Ake said.

He brought the idea to take donations to student council and high school administrators.

"Anytime students come to me with wanting to make the world a little bit better place, I’m all about supporting their goals and ideas however I can,” said Rebecca Kidder, social studies teacher and student council sponsor.

Donations were taken at a recent softball game and a drop-off area now sits near the cafeteria. Each grade level competes against each other to see who will bring in the most donations and toiletries.

"If this were to happen to me and my family, I would hope and pray that people would reach out and give us the help and support we need. It's the least I can do, just give back to a community that would be there for me if it would happen,” Ake said.

Whatever you are able to give, he says, anything helps.

"Whether it's just one travel toothpaste or 40 bottles of shampoo, everything helps. This community really needs it, we can help a community and that's what's most important to me: helping people who need it,” he said.

Helping our neighbors in need, something we’ve seen Texans do when called.

"One thing I love about being in Texas and Central Texas is seeing how the communities come together to help each other out. Feels like every time there is a need, someone is going to step up,” Kidder said.

Donations are being taken until Friday at the school.