Beverly Hills: Dozens of dumped traffic signs found in alley

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BEVERLY HILLS, Texas (KWTX) Dozens of traffic signs have turned up in Beverly Hills.

According to Police Chief Thomas Schmidt, a passerby called to report they saw a "bunch of signs", about 30 of them, dumped in an alley at Columbia St. and Memorial Dr. Tuesday.

"All kinds," said Schmidt. "Everything from mile markers, to county road signs, to stop signs, to ramp signs."

Schmidt said the signs looked like they were used and "beat up."

"It looked like someone took their time collecting them," he said. "It looks like they dumped them all at one time because there was a huge pile of them."

The Chief said there was no way to tell who was responsible for taking the signs and dumping them.

"It could have been anybody that did it," said Schmidt.

Code enforcement and Schmidt went to gather up the signs and contacted TxDOT who sent someone to pick them up.

TxDOT spokesperson Ken Roberts says they will likely be recycled, but didn't appear to all be theirs.

"It's not unusual for signs to disappear--it's unusual for quantities like that to be found," said Roberts.

He says TxDOT cost anywhere from $650 to $700 for the sign, mounting, and installation.

"We replace about 250 signs in McLennan County a month that are either stolen, damaged, or worn out and need to be replaced," said Roberts. "We would encourage anyone who might have one to bring it back--it's taxpayer dollars, they're not cheap--we can recycle the metal and get new signs out of that."

He says sign theft can result in very serious situations, especially stop signs at intersections.

"We certainty don't want that to happen, but we know that it does," said Roberts.

Criminal charges can be filed.