Waco: Bike riders travel across the state to boost donor awareness

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Riders participating in the Lone Star Circle of Life tour made a stop in Waco Monday evening, as they plan to pedal 500 miles in six days.

Courtesy: Lemuel Bradshaw

The stop in Waco marks the end of the group's second day, as they met with honorees in an effort to spread awareness regarding organ, blood, and cell donation.

"It’s worth every mile," says Team Captain Tim Dixon who is a huge advocate for donation.

"These bodies are not ours forever so we want you to have a conversation about organ and tissue donation," says Dixon.

Others who are riding have actually benefited from donation themselves.

"When I was two-weeks-old we knew at that time that I had a heart defect," says Sarah Pipkin-Love who later in life was in need of a transplant.

In June of 2010, she received a heart from a Dillion Roberts, a 14-year-old boy who died in a car accident but was a registered donor.

"He was able to save 5 people’s lives and I was able to get his heart," says Pipkin-Love, who still contacts the Roberts family years after the transplant.

Organizers and riders say it's stories like these that keep them going during the six day tour.

The group will make stops in College Station, Katy, Victoria, and finish up on Friday at Corpus Christi.