Bizarre $100 bills turn up around town, but don’t try to spend them

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COPPERAS COVE, Texas (KWTX) A joker has scattered what appear to be $100 bills with red oriental-style writing on them around Copperas Cove but police warn residents not to try to spend them.

The bill are actually movie prop money.

“The counterfeit currency was purchased by a subject on the internet and he claimed to have distributed the bills at various locations in the city. He claimed that this was done as a form of entertainment,” police said in a press release Wednesday.

Residents have turned in several of the bills and a few businesses have encountered the counterfeit currency, police said.

“Do not attempt to spend these counterfeit bills because criminal charges may be filed,” police said.

Investigators are asking anyone who comes across a bogus bill to call Copperas Cove police at (254) 547-8222.