Community marks 5 year anniversary of teen's death by holding blood drive

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AXTELL, Texas (KWTX) The community of Axtell is rolling up their sleeves Tuesday to help honor the memory of a high school football player who died just months after being diagnosed with cancer.

Cameron Garland, a high school senior at Axtell High School, was just 17-years-old when he passed away Jan. 2 after a months-long battle with an aggressive form of cancer in 2013.

"Cameron was amazing," his mom Tammie Garland said. "Cameron knew he wasn't going to make it through his diagnosis. He lived everyday thankful."

The first year after Cameron's death friends and family held a remembrance ceremony on the anniversary of his passing, but later decided to do something different they felt would make more of an impact.

"It didn't make any sense to put ourselves through that," Tammie said. "But we talked about it as a family and decided no better way than a blood drive."

On Jan. 2 the community of Axtell will hold a blood drive from from 3-8pm at the Axtell Community Center to honor Garland and help save lives in the process.

"It's critical for us, for our community." said Clint McCoy with Carter BloodCare.

"There is no other way to get blood for patients than through a voluntary donor. "