Police mum on results of search after woman beheaded

Davie Dauzat. (Jail photo)
Davie Dauzat. (Jail photo)(KWTX)
Published: Aug. 25, 2016 at 11:28 AM CDT
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Bellmead police aren’t talking about what investigators found in a search of a mobile home in which a man is accused of beheading his wife, but sources close to the case confirmed Monday that a large serrated knife was recovered.

The state district judge who issued the search warrant after the gruesome murder last Thursday inside a trailer at a mobile home park in the 4300 block of Concord Road in Bellmead sealed the document detailing what investigators recovered from the home at the request of an investigator.

“The Texas Rangers and our (Violence against Women Act) detective do not want to hurt the integrity of this case or any information that is coming to the department by releasing investigatory details at this time,” Sgt. Kory Martin said in a statement Monday.

Davie Dauzat, 23, remains in the McLennan County Jail where he was ordered held on a $500,000 bond, charged with murder in the death, authorities said.

His wife, Natasha Dauzat, 21, was beheaded and her head was placed in the refrigerator, a source close to the investigation confirmed Thursday afternoon.

Officers were sent to the couple’s home a little more than two hours before Natasha Dauzat was killed after receiving a call from Davie Dauzat’s brother at around 8:20 a.m. Thursday.

The brother, whom police did not identify, “was concerned about…Davie’s wellbeing and wanted officers to locate and speak with Davie,” police said in a press release.

The brother said he hadn’t spoken with Dauzat in months, but said on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning he and his mother received calls from him.

“His brother informed dispatch he was not sure if his ‘weird statements’ and ‘funny questions’ were drug related,” police said.

“When asked if (Davie Dauzat) was threatening anyone, his brother said ‘no,’” police said.

An officer and a supervisor located the couple’s residence and spoke with both Davie and Natasha Dauzat outside the trailer.

“There was no indication from Natasha or Davie that either of them was in distress or in need of police intervention at that time. They both appeared calm and expressed their curiosity why the police were there,” the press release said.

Davie Dauzat’s brother called police again at around 11 a.m. Thursday and said Davie had contacted him and told him that “he killed his girlfriend,” police said.

Officers were sent back to the mobile home park where they knocked on the door of the couple’s home.

Davie Dauzat opened and then closed the door, police said.

He appeared to have blood on his body and clothing, they said.

Officers from Bellmead and surrounding communities set up a perimeter around the park evacuating other residents from the area, some of whom weren’t allowed to return to their homes until late Thursday night.

They then made contact with the man, whom they were able to convince to surrender.

The man had two children, ages 1 and 2, with him inside the trailer, Martin said.

Authorities took custody of the couple’s two children.

The victim's mother said the children are being taken care of by Natasha's oldest sister.

Natasha Dauzat attended La Vega schools, according to residents who said they knew her.

She and her husband had just recently moved back from Louisiana, they said.

(Erin Zeller contributed to this story)