Blood supply critically low throughout Central Texas

(Photo by Christy Soto)
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(KWTX) The blood supply is at a critical low throughout Central, North, and East Texas, Carter Blood Care says.

Carter Blood Care says the blood supply has reached a two-year low and says it has less than a single day’s supply on hand.

Waco Carter Blood Care consultant Clinton McCoy said the low supply could have a negative impact on local hospitals.

“If they don't have these bloods on the shelves in order to do that surgery then there is a disruption in that patient's care which means the surgery gets postponed or the surgery doesn't happen,” McCoy said.

“In life-threatening situations, you don't ever want to be in a situation with no units available that may save someone’s life.”

McCoy is encouraging everyone to donate.

He said the process is simple and only takes an hour.

Carter Blood Care is in need of all blood types.

“We are critically low especially for Rh negative patients as well as for O+ and even A+; donors just aren’t turning out and we need those units in order to meet the needs of the hospitals,” McCoy said.