Waco: Burger Barn restaurant becomes "Justice Barn"

WACO, Texas (KWTX) A once popular burger joint has now been transformed into a low-cost law office.

Photo By: Chelsea Edwards

Brit's Burger Barn on Colcord Avenue shut down in 2012, and is now the "Justice Barn".

The property was purchased and renovated by the Waco Community Development Corporation.

It is currently being rented by Greater Waco Legal Services.

The non-profit which was founded in February 2017, offers low-cost legal advice and representation for residents who can't afford a private lawyer.

The attorney director says he wants the place to still feel familiar to local residents.

"So we decided let's run with it. Let's call it the 'Justice Barn'," says Kent McKeever.

"Keep that history with the community and that connection which is very much a part of what we want to establish."

Through the organization, he has helped Waco residents like Alberta Brizeño, who received her green card in November after being turned away at other law offices.

"Finally someone told me 'yes' and tried to look at my case," she says. "I feel secure now."

McKeever hopes the added space will help the non-profit handle more cases.

With more cases, the organization can become more self-sustaining- relying less on grants and donations by generating funds through minimal fees charged to clients.

Transforming the former restaurant was a major step in that process.

"From the hard work of many, this has turned into something really wonderful," says McKeever.