Businesses can deny services if customers refuse to provide ID

Published: Jan. 5, 2018 at 5:39 PM CST
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A simple swipe and you're done but it may take two cards to buy something from a store.

Under a new Texas law, SB 1381, if a clerk asks you to show a photo ID to match the name on your credit or debit card and you refuse they can legally refuse to sell you the product or service.

A thrift store manager says this could make customers feel uncomfortable.

“If you push it on customers they are going to go away" says The Great American store manager, Sandy Moore.

They will ask for an ID if they are unsure about a customer.

“Unless I really suspect them of something I’m not going to ask an ID” said Moore.

Other store managers say they have had customers who have used stolen credit or debit cards to purchase items.

“This protects the customer and I would react with that more positively” says Killeen Chamber of Commerce, president, John Crutchfield III.

Crutchfield says some businesses are not aware of the new law.

"I’m more concerned that more people are not requiring photo id than infringing on someone's rights. I want them to check my ID” said Crutchfield.

The law took effect January 1st.