Businessman will comply with BU subpoena

(Baylor University photo/file)
(Baylor University photo/file)(KWTX)
Published: Oct. 8, 2018 at 5:14 PM CDT
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A Waco businessman who accused a former Baylor University Board of Regents chairman of using a racial slur to describe Baylor football players and a sexually insensitive term for Baylor coeds says money has nothing to do with the accusations.

The big question now is whether there is video of the alleged comments.

An attorney for businessman Greg Klepper says Klepper will comply with a subpoena seeking video and any other evidence he has to prove his claim by an Oct. 15 deadline requested by Baylor University and an attorney for former Board of Regents Chairman Richard Willis.

When asked if a videotape was included in that evidence, attorney Don Riddle denied ever seeing one.

"I haven't seen the tape, I've never seen the tape. Baylor President Linda Livingstone has been quoted as saying that she understands that we lawyers have the tape. (Waco lawyer Jon Ker) and I do not have it. So we will get together everything we have, hopefully by the deadline of Oct. 15 and the world will know."

Riddle and Ker have been working to secure payment for Klepper for work that his lighting company did on McLane Stadium.

"Baylor has for several years now, enjoyed the benefits of Mr. Klepper's work. Baylor is unjustly enriched at the expense of Mr. Klepper and the work he did at McLane Stadium. Whether he has a claim against Baylor we can't take that position." Riddle said.

The Houston attorney went on to say that he believed the matter was settled in arbitration in 2015 but his client still has a large unpaid bill.

According to a court document filed by Baylor attorney Julie Springer, when she asked Riddle to produce the video, Riddle mentioned the money owed to Riddle’s client.

When asked if he was saying he wouldn't turn over the video until he was paid, Riddle responded absolutely not.

He then asked her if she was recording the conversation and she said she was not.

"The only reason money would come up, that I can think of is that the attorney for Baylor wants to imply that that's the motive for Mr. Klepper and clearly it's not." Riddle said.

The back-and-forth between attorneys for Baylor University, Willis and Klepper went public on Oct. 1 when KWTX released information on the alleged comments that were made during a business trip to Mexico in 2014.

According to Klepper's attorney, Willis went on a tirade about how powerful he was as regent chair and said he planned to run then President Ken Starr and his “Jew B-word wife” out of town.

According to sworn affidavits by Klepper and his business associate Alejandro Urdaneta , Willis went on to say that "Baylor has the best n-word football players because they know Baylor has the best blonde haired, blue eyed p-word around."

Willis has vehemently denied making the statements and blames the accusations on Klepper's frustrations about his refusal to join in business ventures with him.

Baylor University didn't reply to questions about the court filings.