Caught on camera: Thief takes packages from porch of local home

Published: May. 14, 2019 at 10:21 PM CDT
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A local homeowner is hoping her doorbell surveillance video helps police catch the person responsible for taking packages from her home in broad daylight.

“Made me so furious. I could barely drive, I was so furious," homeowner Angela Galan said.

Galan says she was on her way home last Friday to pick up her packages she had ordered online. She was alerted twice by her doorbell camera. The first time was when the UPS driver left the packages at her front door and the second about an hour after the delivery.

“That’s when I seen this gentleman come to my door and he lightly knocked and I didn’t know who he was,” Galan said.

In surveillance video, you can see a man approaching the front door of her home on Clairidge Avenue. The entire theft was recorded by her doorbell camera.

“He just picked up my packages and walked away,” Galan said.

She says the thief walked away with almost $300 worth of items. After the theft, she contacted Killeen police to file a report. Police are still investigating the theft.

“You have working people, people working hard to get the things they want and then you have sorry people like that…that would do…it’s just angry. I’m really angry behind the situation,” she said.

A situation that has broken her sense of safety at home.

“I’m so…even at work; I’m so nervous that on my phone. I’m constantly looking at my house because of what has happened,” Galan said.

If you’re getting anything delivered, Killeen police suggest to see if a neighbor or family member can receive your package, if offered to schedule a time for your delivery, request a signature or have the package sent to a shipping location.

After going through this experience, Galan also agrees.

“Get to know your neighbors, see if someone is at home and somebody you can trust to watch your home for you. Even with the alarm system, it did help me out but I couldn’t make it home in time,” she said.

Galan was able to get a refund from one of the companies, but had no luck on a purchase that cost almost $200.

If you have any information or may have seen anything, you are asked to contact the Killeen Police Department.