Lampasas: Cemetery restoration efforts underway

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LAMPASAS, TX Caretakers at the Oak Hill Cemetery, one of Lampasas County's oldest, are going headstone to headstone using a new chemical to restore the markers.

"The earliest stone we have in the cemetery dates back to 1862," said Duane Griffith, crew leader at the cemetery.

Among the many buried here are Civil War veterans.

"A lot of the times, you'll come across some of these headstones that are no longer readable," Duane said.

With the help of several volunteers and his staff, he’s been able to clean about 60 headstones using a new biological solution.

“We first apply water, and then we apply the solution and we scrub,” said cemetery caretaker, Curtis Windham.

Their goal is to restore them as closes as possible as to when they first arrived at the cemetery.

“Sometimes we have to scrub them more than once,” said Windham.

The new solution will also help preserve the headstone for years to come.

"We have to think about future generations. We want to help preserve this so people from future generations can come out and find their loved ones and be able to read the stones," Griffith said.