Carnival that was no-show at local festival says there’s blame to share

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LAMPASAS, Texas (KWTX) Organizers of the popular Lampasas Spring Ho Festival were apologizing Thursday after the operators of the carnival scheduled for the event backed out, but the carnival says there’s blame to share.


“Our carnival is a no-show,” Spring Ho Chair Beth Hensley said Thursday.

San Antonio-based Magic Valley Rides “will not be coming to provide rides and attractions at this week’s Spring Ho,” the festival’s committee said in a Facebook post.

“Due to anticipated legal action against Magic Valley rides, we are limited and unable to provide additional information at this time,” the committee said.

“Please know that we understand that the carnival is a very popular event and we have done everything within our power to force them to honor their contract.”

This was the first year the festival contracted with Magic Valley Rides, Hensley said.

The company that was contracted to put on the carnival got back to KWTX late Thursday.

Magic Valley Rides said they understood the frustration felt by the last minute cancellation, however, they said there were other issues well before backing out.

The company said a signed contract was not returned and communication with organizers was a challenge.

Magic Valley Rides also said that rain from a previous event could've damaged the equipment if it was used too soon and "we[re] asked to try to let it dry up and not damage property."

As for Spring Ho's response, Magic Valley Rides said it was uncalled for.

Even without the carnival, however, Hensley says there are plenty events to enjoy.

“We do have our knocker ball at the park, we have pony rides, we are going to have some bungee jumping and rock wall climbing,” she said.

The annual celebration kicked off Monday and the carnival was scheduled to begin Thursday and run through Sunday.