Police in 2 local cities investigate string of vandalism reports

(Photo by Ke'Sha Lopez)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Waco and Hewitt investigators were looking into a string of vehicle and boat vandalism cases Monday.

Authorities say as many as 20 cars were spray-painted sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning over the weekend.

One car owner said she woke up to find her white Mustang, which was parked on Chapelwood Drive in Hewitt, spray-painted with pink, green and red paint.

Another victim, Richard Banana who lives in the Richland Hills neighborhood in Waco, said his car was also tagged.

It was parked in front of his house on the street.

He was headed to work around noon Sunday morning when he realized what had happened.

He "That's going to be a pain to clean up,” he said.

“First reaction was ‘well I have to get to work anyway so I might as well just take care of that.’”

“I didn't even realize that the plates were obscured until I got there and that worried me a bit."

He cleaned the windows so he could see while driving.

He said he was concerned he the vandalism might not only cost him some time, but also hundreds of dollars replace the headlamps and possibly the license plates on which, by law, the numbers must be visible.

He was later able to clean his vehicle using over-the-counter products.

Residents of the Oxford Hill and East Chapman areas of Hewitt posted similar spray-painted vehicle pictures on our Facebook page.

"There are enough cameras and ring doorbells in between here and those locations that they're captured somewhere, schools, etc. So and I think we're going to have a resolution to this case rather quickly,” Hewitt police Chief Jim Devlin said.

Police didn't have a suspect description late Monday afternoon.