Catholic Jesuit province releases names of accused abusers

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ST. LOUIS (AP) A Catholic Jesuit province that covers 13 states in the Midwest and South including Texas says it has found "credible allegations" of sexual abuse involving 42 priests and other ministry leaders dating back to 1955.

Eight of the men on the list had pastoral assignments in Texas, most in El Paso.

None was assigned in Central Texas.

The Jesuits U.S. Central and Southern Province, which is based in St. Louis and which also covers Puerto Rico and Belize, released the names Friday.

Most of the men cited are deceased and others are no longer Jesuits.

The province says four are still members of the province but are not active in ministry and live in supervised housing.

The list includes mostly priests but also brothers who serve some ministry functions but who are not ordained, and "scholastics," which are men in training to become priests.

A province that covers several western states, Jesuits West, will announce a similar list later Friday.