Waco: Area students tackle tough issues

Published: Aug. 3, 2018 at 12:37 PM CDT
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About 150 Central Texas students tackled some tough issues this week at the iEngage Civics Camp hosted by the Baylor School of Education.

This week guest speakers including local and statewide elected officials, have been educating students on how the government and society works.

In past years students have used what they have learned during the summer in the classroom the following fall.

In addition to guest speakers, students visit the library to learn how the government works and about the history of Waco.

They are also worked in small groups to break down big issues plaguing society.

“(The camp is) teaching us how to be active in our community,” Robinson seventh grader Ryland Plegger said, such as “(how to) make a difference and how to change the things and problems that have been going on.”

One of the topics students discussed is how to stop school shootings.

Incoming McGregor High School Freshman Maggie Parmer said her group found a direct correlation to counselors and school shooting incidents.

“We want to incorporate more counselors in schools,” Parmer said.

“Different associations want at least 250 students per counselor. Only three states were staffed to 250 students per counselor.

She said in Vermont, one of the states, a school shooting incident was stopped before it happened.

Parmer and her group believed having more eyes on more students kept everyone in the situation safe.

The camp, which is in its sixth year, is funded by the Hatton W. Summers Foundation.