Central Texas: Residents come together for World Religion Day

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WACO (January 17,2016) In the spirit of World Religion Day, Central Texans of different faiths gathered Sunday afternoon to discuss what role their faith plays in tackling today's issues. World Religion Day was established by the Bahai community in the 1950's to try and develop interfaith dialogue and improve understanding of other world religions.

"It's just an opportunity to get a different perspective, so I try to attend things like this whenever I have the opportunity," said a Baylor senior.

Here in Central Texas, for the past decade, the Interfaith Conference gather on this day to celebrate faith diversity in our community.

"We may have different religions, but our destination is the same, God. I hope people will understand whatever religion, gender, color, we are all equal and we all believe in the same thing, goodness of humanity," said President of the Islamic Center of Waco Al Siddiq.

On Sunday, the Interfaith Conference had a panel of all different religions from Christianity to Judaism, Buddhist and Muslims, to answer any and all questions people may have, especially with how their faith shapes them in making decisions through today's issues.

"We've heard young people often say that whatever their faith position is, it isn't the proper anchor to answer and deal with the issues we are challenged with today, such as some of the violence issues our society faces, some of the threats from ISIS and other world challenges," said President of the Interfaith Conference, Rabbi Laura Harari.

Siddiq said if we all come together and have a mutual understanding, it eliminates the chaos.

"It's important to understand what is a religion and what God commanded us to do instead of listening to a few handful of extremists," said Siddiq.

They hope this talk promotes harmony, understanding cooperation and respect among different faith traditions in Waco.