Central Texans struggling with allergies

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WACO (January 13, 2016) Struggling with allergies?

You may not be the only one.

Experts with Texan Allergy and Sinus Center said many allergy problems that people are having is thanks to the increase in cedar and mold.

"We're going into winter months at this time and cedar seems to be real big as an outdoor allergen and then you also have mold," said Donnie Stone, a physicians assistant with Texan Allergy and Sinus Center.

Stone said mold is causing people problems because they are spending a lot more time inside.

"That's where we come into play and we can figure out what those allergies are and start treating them," Stone said.

Stone works with patients to find out if they need a more permanent solution, like drops or a shot, to fight their allergies.

Texan Allergy is a new allergy center in Waco located off of Highway Six and Bosque.