Central Texas farm community is optimistic about new trade deals

Published: Jan. 19, 2020 at 7:38 PM CST
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Those in Central Texas will tell you 2019 was a tough year for those in the farming community.

"It's been a rough year for farmers not just in Central Texas but across the state," says spokesperson for the Texas Farm Bureau Gary Joiner.

Joiner points to a poor farming season as well as the trade war with China as reasons.

"Anytime there is a restriction on the the number of buyers it can cause the prices to be kind of depressed," says Ryan Janek who has experienced these issues firsthand.

Janek's Birome Cotton Gin Company not only deals in trade, but also works closely with farmers in the Central Texas area.

However, Janek believes that President Donald Trump's recent trade agreements with China and Mexico-Canada provides hope.

"Anytime a President takes an interest in farming that's a positive," says Janek.

On Sunday President Trump was in Austin and addressed the American Farm Bureau at their annual convention, and spoke about the new trade agreements.

"This is the third consecutive year that President Trump has spoke at the national meeting of the Farm Bureau," says Joiner.

"In our 101 year history this has never happened," he says.

Joiner added that the Bureau is optimistic about the new deals President Trump spoke of at the convention.

"We are hoping the new agreements will bring growth and hopefully bring some farm income back into the farm," says Joiner.

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