Central Texas farmers unable to apply for aid due to shutdown

Published: Jan. 9, 2019 at 4:49 PM CST
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Central Texas farmers and ranchers are unable to take advantage of the new 2018 U.S. Farm bill signed by the president last year.

That's because the local county Farm Services Offices of the USDA are all closed due to the partial government shutdown.

Laramie Adams of the Texas Farm Bureau in Waco says, "I think that if you go and visit with some of our farmers and ranchers a lot of them they're gonna tell you their support of what's going on right now in order to try to get something done for border security even if it does mean sacrificing some as far as the FSA office has been closed or whatever it might be."

The new 2018 Farm Bill had been pushed through by President Donald Trump in an effort to provide aid to farmers who had lost money from recent trade tariffs and weather related crop loss.

The deadline for filing for aid was January 15th, but farmers will be given an extension as many days as the government is shut down to make their applications when the offices reopen.

Adams says "There's been a 50 percent drop in the net farm economy in the past five years, and farmer and ranchers are facing tough times, but they are tough, and we believe will make it."