Central Texas game wardens report busy February

(Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept./file)
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WACO, Texas (KWTX) In spite of February and March not being busy hunting months, state game wardens in Central Texas reported having a busy springtime protecting state wildlife and Texans, themselves.

In Bastrop, game wardens wrapped up an ongoing investigation targeted at identifying someone who was illegally selling white bass, a Texas game fish, taken from public waters in Lee County and selling them.

Once confronted, the suspects denied selling fish, but when wardens showed them the “Fresh Fish for Sale” posts they’d posted on Facebook, they confessed.

Game wardens seized 77 white bass the men had in their possession and issued citations to both.

And in McLennan County, wardens cracked down on the illegal sale of a used boat by a car dealer.

In Texas, to sell a boat, a dealer must possess a marine dealer’s license.

Waco-area wardens were alerted that a Robinson car dealer was selling boats without the proper license.

A warden staked the dealership out on a Saturday night and noted three boats, their outboard motors and trailers on the car lot, and with that detail he checked the history of the vessels through different databases and resources.

When the warden went to the dealership to talk with the owner, he learned a particular boat that had been there during the check was no longer parked there.

“The owner stated he had sold it, adding that the vessel was there on consignment,” the state warden’s report says.

But when the warden checked the audit trail of the boat and found out the owner traded it to the car dealer for a tractor and the car dealer then sold it for $17,000, he determined there had been a violation.

Then the warden, after making it clear the dealer was in violation of failure to have a marine dealer license, assisted him in the application process and a follow-up check showed the application was approved and the case was resolved with compliance.