Children with special needs get the chance to be superstars

WACO, TX (KWTX) D1 Waco partnered with No Limitations, an organization which provides opportunities for special needs children in Central Texas to host their 2nd annual “Meet the Stars” event this Saturday.

“Everybody deserves a day to feel like they are on top of the world and be a superstar so this is what it’s all about,” father Larry Salazar said.

At the event members of the community were given a poster and they went around the facility asking each star for their autograph.

No Limitations Football Coach Ray Ronk said this event means the world to these kids.

“Special needs kids are just now starting to get more involved with sports activities but to show them that they are special and unique with an event like this, it’s so important to them as individuals because they liked to be recognized as well,” Ronk said.

Salazar said this event was not only meaningful for the athletes but also for the parents.

“Their faces just light up, they are only 8 and 5 so to see them like this it just means the world to me as a dad, “ Salazar said.

This is the kickoff event for the start of the No Limitations Flag Football season.

D1 Waco Regional Manager Kevin Engelbrecht said this event was modeled after the “Meet the Bears” event at Baylor University.