Waco: Chunk of I-35 asphalt smashes through man’s windshield

The chunk of asphalt (left) and the windshield. (Courtesy of Don Parker)
The chunk of asphalt (left) and the windshield. (Courtesy of Don Parker)(KWTX)
Published: Oct. 19, 2018 at 2:44 PM CDT
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A chunk of Interstate 35 asphalt "about 4 to 5 inches thick and 18 inches long" that evidently was kicked loose by an 18-wheeler smashed through the windshield of a Waco man’s vehicle, brushed his shoulder and landed in the passenger seat.

"I was headed northbound on I-35 between the University Parks and MLK exits Wednesday when I see this object flying through the air at me, Don Parker said.

“It crashed through my windshield, grazed my shoulder and landed in my passenger seat,” he said.

Parker was covered in glass splinters, but only received a scratch

It happened just as two 18-wheelers passed him, he said.

“If my wife who usually sits in passenger seat had been with me, she would have been killed," Parker said.

Parker called police to report the incident.

“They told me that area of the interstate had been under repair for quite a while and they told me there were some soft spots there."

Parker also called the Texas Department of Transportation and was told “there is state law against compensation for the damage.”

“My auto insurance company says they may total the car due to how difficult it would remove all pieces of glass from inside car including air vents that would be dangerous to me later,” he said.

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