Community troubled by bullying in Bynum ISD

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BYNUM, Texas (KWTX) Bullying is going on in schools all across the country and the effects can be devastating. In one Central Texas school district, community members are saying it is time the school places a priority on keeping bullying out of the classroom.

March 21 marked one year since Coleton Strauch passed away from what officials ruled as a suicide.

His death is something his grandfather, Ross Strauch, is still coming to terms with.

“"It hurts just as much today as it did a year ago, and I don't think it's something you ever get over,” Strauch said.

"I watch my family suffer because of it and it all could have been took care of had they done their job.”

Coleton was a student at Bynum High School with a full future ahead of him but one thing was holding him back – bullying.

Strauch said teachers, staff, and administrators at Bynum ISD had witnessed bullying of his grandson Coleton and did not take action to intervene.

"There were all kind of signs with my grandson that were missed at Bynum school,” Strauch said.

Now more than a year since the tragedy, some community members like Tiffany Williams say the school has done little to eliminate bullying in the halls of the school.

“There are so many things that could have been done and learned from Coleton’s experience. It just doesn't seem like that has really happened,” Williams said.

Williams pulled her children out of Bynum ISD because of the bullying they experienced.

“I didn't want to be a part of it anymore. I didn't want my kids being a part of it anymore,” Williams said.

She said the effects of bullying were even stronger with the small class sizes at the schools in Bynum ISD. She said some of the classes would only have around a dozen students.

Recently a note was written by a student describing a classmate with terms like slut, trash, poor, fat and ugly.

The post has been commented on and shared dozens of times on Facebook.

"They are hurt they are embarrassed and it needs to stop,” Williams said.

But Williams and others say there isn’t much being done by the school district.

"Stand on the side of right. I mean someone has to speak up. Someone has to help. Because, if not, who else do they have? They need someone standing beside them,” Williams said.

Bynum ISD Superintendent Larry Mynarcik declined our interview requests stating he was unable to comment on specific bullying incidents but that he was confident teachers and staff had been trained on how to handle any and all bullying incidents.