Copperas Cove: "Candy Lady" closing shop

Photo By: Chelsea Edwards
Photo By: Chelsea Edwards(KWTX)
Published: May. 31, 2019 at 9:00 PM CDT
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A sweet story in Copperas Cove is coming to an end with a popular candy store closing its doors.

Candy Outfitters in Copperas Cove started online and has been a brick and mortar for around five years, a time filled with sweet memories.

“One of the things I remember is the first time walking in here, and my eyes just wide open at all the candy when I was just a little girl,” says 4th grader Presleigh who has also been named as the official number one fan of the store.

“I come here every day,” she says with a wistful sigh.

With a wall of 300 flavors, bites from “back in the day” and even critter-filled candies for the adventurous, it’s the stuff King-size dreams are made of.

The owner, Jennifer White is also known as the Candy Lady.

"I might not always remember their name, but I remember their candy for sure," she laughs.

But she also recently announced a not-so-sugary surprise.

"Selling candy, it's been almost 20 years, and it's time,” says White.

“It's time to hang up the candy apron and put on my travel shoes.”

She's closing up shop at the end of June to start a travel agency with her husband.

But it's not the sweets that her loyal customers will miss the most.

“Jennifer is such as a special person, she cares about people, and she cares about the community,” says regular customer David Hardin.

Known for satisfying more than a sweet tooth, the Candy Lady has supported local non-profits and hosted regular community events.

“She was one of my first sponsors,” says Julie Moser of Pink Warrior Angels.

“She has such a giving heart,” she adds.

Military spouse Trisha Stutz says the store provided a place where everyone belonged.

“She just really makes you feel like you have a home and somewhere to be and just a friendship,” says Stutz.

White started an annual program to keep the holiday spirit alive and most recently a walking group to, of course, burn off all those treats.

“We're excited for her- we'll miss the candy though,” laughs Moser.

Although this tasty tale is coming to a close, the Candy Lady is leaving behind ingredients for lasting friendships-

"Take that chance and believe in something, believe in someone and it doesn't cost you anything but love," says White.

-and a community that's become closer with every scoop into the candy jar.

White says although she'll be traveling a lot, she'll remain active in the Cove community.

She's also hosting a sweet goodbye party on June 15th at 4 pm at her store. The entire community is invited.

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