“Creepy Clown” social media threats made against 2 local high schools

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WACO, Texas (KWTX) Campus police are investigating after a social media threat against two Waco high schools that officials say was similar to the “creepy clown” hoaxes that have resulted in a dozen arrests in multiple states.

A Facebook post by someone who used a photo of a clown as a profile picture, said: “Yea first we going to Waco High then we going to University and we gone kill everybody.”

The social media threat was posted Thursday night, Waco ISD spokesman Bruce Gietzen said in a press release Friday.

“We take every threat against our schools and students very seriously, and even though we have no indication that this one was credible, our officers went on alert status and increased presence and patrols today at those two campuses and in nearby areas,” he said.

Waco ISD police are questioning two people who may have knowledge of the source of the threat, he said.

“This is a prime example of the power of social media, and that power is not always used in a good way and can create fear and uncertainty,” he said.

The first unusual clown sightings were reported in August in South Carolina.

Since then sightings have been reported in a half-dozen more states.

The Associated Press reported that the Reading Community City School District in suburban Cincinnati closed schools Friday after a woman told authorities that a male dressed as a clown grabbed her around the neck and made a threat against students.

School officials said they take all threats seriously and were concerned about the number of students who walk to school in the early morning.

Police in the Cincinnati suburb of Colerain Township say they arrested a juvenile Thursday in connection with a clown threat there involving threatened harm to Colerain High School students.