Waco paramedic remains in critical care unit 3 months after accident

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TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) East Texas Medical Center paramedic Rory Barros, 31, remains in a Temple critical care unit more than three months after a car struck him and pinned him against his ambulance at a crash scene, leaving him severely injured.

He continues to recover after 15 surgeries to repair fractures, extensive leg burns and injuries.

Barros was struck by a vehicle on Aug. 19 at the accident scene on Loop 340 in Waco.

“My critically injured left leg has now been completely covered by skin grafts and is healing," Barros said Thursday.

"My spirits are high but there's still a long road of recovery ahead."

Barros was rolled outdoors Thursday for 30 minutes and in a video message to KWTX talked about some of his good news.

“My left leg which took most of the injuries is healing well and taking most of the skin grafts...about 99 percent take on my skin grafts. My hip wound is also healing very well and everything looks like it's on the up and up,” he said.

Barros thanked the City of Waco and everyone who has supported him during this lengthy recovery process.

Barros remains’ in a hospital bed or extended chair, he has not been able to walk as doctors wait for all his skin grafts to heal completely.

The driver of the car that struck him, Alec Nava, 36, was arrested and charged with intoxication assault on a public servant and driving with an invalid license, police said.

He was jailed in lieu of bonds totaling $40,000, but was later released.